Imrana Jalal
Special Project Facilitator, Office of the Special Project Facilitator, Asian Development Bank

Imrana Jalal has over 35 years of experience in gender and development, law and policy reform, human rights, and disability. Prior to her appointment, she was Chair of The World Bank Inspection Panel. From 2010–2017, she worked as ADB’s Principal Social Development Specialist (Gender and Development). A lawyer by profession, she authored the Law for Pacific Women: A Legal Rights Handbook, architect of the Fiji Family Law Act 2003, and a founding member of the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement.

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Leveling the playing field for women opens opportunities for countries to increase development gains.

Case Study

A package of economic, social, legal, and institutional measures helps provide equal opportunity to minority and low-caste women in Nepal.


Putting resources toward specialized training, mentoring and confidence building is a successful formula for giving greater voice to women in the countryside.


While many inclusive businesses support the concept of gender-inclusivity, much more can be done to ensure that women’s economic empowerment is promoted in the workplace.

Case Study

A well-crafted action plan has helped women in Bangladesh who want to start small and medium-sized enterprises have a more equal playing field with men.

Case Study

In Bangladesh, access and use of high-quality primary health care facilities are being improved, particularly for women and girls.