In Uzbekistan, the government is reforming the governance and management of water  supply and sanitation to improve supply and delivery of services. Photo: ADB.

Mobilizing private capital for the water sector requires a strong regulatory environment, sound risk management, and financial sustainability.

A drone equipped with Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) sensors and thermal cameras captured this image of a solar farm in the Philippines. Photo credit: Aero 360 International.

Drones have the potential to maximize development impact through data acquisition, processing, and management for projects.

One of the challenges faced by the global community is how to cover the loss and damage from climate change that cannot be prevented by mitigation and adaptation efforts. Photo credit: ADB.

The lack of a dedicated financial mechanism to address climate-related loss and damage underscores the need for innovative ways to address this funding gap.

The restoration of pedestrian crosswalks at Gwanghwamun intersection, the representative street of Seoul, through the efforts of citizens ushered in a new phase in the growth of pedestrian rights. Photo credit: Lim Sam-Jin.

Close cooperation between civil groups and authorities is needed to make the streets more walkable and safe for pedestrians.

Sustainable buildings efficiently react to environment and local climate. Photo credit: Primavera.

Integrating renewable energy features with architecture can help property developers save a lot of money over time.

Estimated losses from extreme weather events, such as severe storms and flooding, run in the billions of dollars. Credit: ADB

Various financial schemes have been developed to cover some of the risks of loss and damage associated with climate change impacts.

Finding solutions in the relationship between credit and personal insurance information. Photo credit: ADB.

Personal credit information could be an important determining factor in insurance underwriting and the calculation of premiums.

To make a swift transition to an emissions market operating on market principles, greater efforts are needed to engage third parties. Photo credit: KIF

Efforts are needed to get third parties engaged in the emissions market. 

Architectural firm WOHA turned a wheelchair-unfriendly courtyard with steep slopes into an inclusive amphitheatre with a gentle, uninterrupted ramp. Photo credit: Chan Hao Ong

Singapore has built a community space dedicated to integrating persons with disabilities in society by providing them with training and employment opportunities, while ensuring that it is an inclusive space that promotes interaction among people of all abilities.




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