In the People's Republic of China, Yichang city is building a sustainable urban transport system with a bus rapid transit corridor as its backbone.

Catastrophe bonds allow climate vulnerable countries to raise capital that can be disbursed quickly as soon as pre-defined trigger events, such as a storm surge or an abnormal rise in seawater level, occur. Photo credit: ADB.

A financial instrument to help governments finance disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction without over-stressing their fiscal budgets

Online tools and platforms provide easy access to career counselling, skills training, and job openings. Photo credit: ADB.

Jobseekers now have a better chance of finding work with online platforms doubling as learning providers and job matchmakers.

A health impact assessment makes people healthier and projects more effective.

Estimated losses from extreme weather events, such as severe storms and flooding, run in the billions of dollars. Credit: ADB

Various financial schemes have been developed to cover some of the risks of loss and damage associated with climate change impacts.

Some climate-vulnerable countries, like those in the Pacific, have entered risk pooling schemes to cover loss and damage from climate change impacts. Photo credit: ADB.

Several national and regional initiatives address the risks of loss and damage associated with climate change impacts.

Learning activities must incorporate design thinking, solution making, and problem solving tasks, leveraging emerging computing resources, including artificial intelligence. Photo credit: ADB.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing, as well as challenging, the way people learn.

Working lands programs for eco-compensation can improve rural livelihoods, improve food quality and safety, maintain beautiful agricultural landscapes, and prevent social and cultural disruption. Photo credit: Xaykhame Manilasit/ADB

Well-designed and participatory eco-compensation schemes with proper technical assistance can help small farmers in some of the poorest and most ecologically sensitive areas in the People’s Republic of China.

Armenia has been a leader in Central Asia in making the transition to a modern, prosperous economy. Photo credit: ADB.

Armenia’s leaders put in place prudent fiscal and monetary policies that resulted in strong economic growth.



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