Photo credit: Luis Ascui.

Explore the policy options being undertaken to improve the challenging labor market in the Pacific.

Estimated losses from extreme weather events, such as severe storms and flooding, run in the billions of dollars. Credit: ADB

Various financial schemes have been developed to cover some of the risks of loss and damage associated with climate change impacts.

Micro and small enterprises need not only supportive business regulations but also financing mechanisms and services (e.g., training, marketing) to prosper, scale up, and contribute to the economy. Photo credit: ADB.

The story of a science professor turned entrepreneur shows skills and education were critical in growing from a micro to a medium-sized business.

A study of four countries in Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar and the Philippines) shows only 18% of adults use a bank account to receive wages or pay utility bills. Photo credit: ADB.

A study of four Southeast Asian markets examines how digital financial solutions can play a key role in closing gaps in financial inclusion.

Good governance practices can improve the beneficiary selection and targeting of social assistance programs. Photo. ADB.

To build a well-coordinated government assistance program, focus on communication and outreach, targeting, service delivery, and evaluation.

Children playing on Dili beach, Timor-Leste. Photo credit: ADB.

Despite extensive aid, countries with fragile and conflict-affected situations are generally failing to significantly improve the lives of their people. New thinking is needed.

Sustainable buildings efficiently react to environment and local climate. Photo credit: Primavera.

Integrating renewable energy features with architecture can help property developers save a lot of money over time.

Despite limited opening of ASEAN countries' banking market, Korean banks are stepping up efforts to operate business in this region. Photo credit: Korean Institute of Finance

A strategy for increased banking opportunities in Southeast Asia.

Increasingly, developing countries are looking to technology to increase the effectiveness of their education systems. Photo credits: ADB

Nepal is transforming its education system using information and communications technology.




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