Amid a looming energy gap resulting from increasing demand for energy, power consumers in the Philippines are burdened with one of the most expensive electricity rates in Asia, if not the world.  Photo credit: ADB 2010.

The formula: installing energy efficient lighting systems in government offices and parks, distributing fluorescent lamps nationwide, and establishing a green labeling system for buildings.

 In Viet Nam, smart cards help people, including the poor, connect to government services. Photo by Edsel Roman.

Proven solutions include digitizing paperwork, integrating databases, using smart cards and digital payments, and transmitting emergency assistance via mobile phones. 

In the Philippines, targeted cash grants to help poor students finish high school could double their potential income and lift them out of chronic poverty.

In the Republic of Korea, the rapid pace of population aging can be attributed to low birth rates and a significant size of baby boomers who represent 14% of the total population. Photo credit: Korea Institute of Finance.

Jobs, education and skills development are needed to help elderly people lead a more stable life and contribute to the economy. 

Unlike monsoon drains, beautified canals such as Alexandra Canal, allow children to walk up to the water and play. Photo credit: PUB, Singapore’s national water agency.

Singapore is transforming its drainage system into re-naturalized streams and bioswales that enhance urban living.

The Urban Primary Health Care Project in Bangladesh  required a systematic behavior change communication program in order to improve the delivery of services geared toward women and children. Photo credit: ADB.

A project in Bangladesh used behavior change communication as a large-scale health care intervention to help women and poor households access health care.

The ADB-supported loan promotes the recycling of coke oven flue gas, like the one operated in the Hebei Jingao New Energy Co. facility, to be used as clean energy source. Photo credit: Hebei Department of Finance.

Strengthening the environmental policy framework can lead to comprehensive and inclusive efforts to address air pollution. 

These transmission lines deliver electricity from Syanja to Butwal, Nepal. Photo credit: ADB.

Nepal is starting to modernize its electric grid by implementing smart meters.

The high mountain peaks of the eastern Himalayas challenges even the most experienced pilots. Photo credit: ADB.

In Bhutan, aviation safety and efficiency are improving due to strong policies and institutions, together with modern infrastructure and technology.




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