Digital technology offers developing countries  the opportunity to leapfrog development challenges. Photo credit: Eric Sales/ADB.

Digital change poses transformative opportunities, as well as risks, in capturing and interpreting data in support of sustainable development goals.

Retired basketball player Yao Ming supports a more inclusive world as a Special Olympics Global Ambassador and board member. Photo Credit: Special Olympics.

Inclusive cities acknowledge people with intellectual disabilities and work with them to address their special needs. 

Architectural firm WOHA turned a wheelchair-unfriendly courtyard with steep slopes into an inclusive amphitheatre with a gentle, uninterrupted ramp. Photo credit: Chan Hao Ong

Singapore has built a community space dedicated to integrating persons with disabilities in society by providing them with training and employment opportunities, while ensuring that it is an inclusive space that promotes interaction among people of all abilities.

The Nurek hydropower plant is Tajikistan’s main source of power, producing over 70% of the country’s electricity. Photo credit: ADB.

Tajikistan has overcome the challenges of being a mountainous, landlocked country to make development gains across society.

A candle ceremony for a group of civil service trainees in the Republic of Korea.  Photo credit: K-Developedia

The Republic of Korea has been a leader in training government officials to be catalysts of economic development.

More people have a mobile phone than a bank account. Photo credit: ADB.

Digital technology is key to increasing financial inclusion, but it comes with new challenges and risks.

Water utilities can create a digital model of their water distribution network and install sensors to monitor their operation and collect real-time data. Photo credit: ADB.

Digital technology can improve data collection and analytics to support proactive decisions and increase the efficiency of water utilities. 

Improving border roads and customs administration can help landlocked countries integrate into regional and global markets. Photo credit: ADB.

Nepal has made it easier to move goods across borders by updating customs software, constructing a new inland clearance depot, and rehabilitating border access roads.

Disruptive innovation is associated with startups that combine enterprise, innovation, and technology to address an unmet need (usually at the bottom of a market) and takes it to the mainstream. Photo credit: ADB.

Building a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship starts in school.



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