Wind and solar energy are available only when the wind blows or when the sun shines. Battery storage offers a solution to storing excess supply from variable renewable energy sources. Photo credit: ADB.

Using batteries to store energy can help improve the efficiency and flexibility of power systems that are integrating new and renewable energy sources into the grid.

The Gayang Complex in Seoul was built using the modular construction system.  Photo credit: KICT.

In the Republic of Korea, modular homes assembled like LEGO units are being developed as a response to the growing need for small to mid-size housing.

On weekdays, about 250,000 people use the covered passageways in the Makati central business district in the Philippines. Photo credit: Ayala Land, Inc.

Development fees placed on buildings were used to improve pedestrian mobility through elevated walkways in the Makati central business district.

Setting up an environmental impact assessment system is one of the ways to minimize the potential negative impacts that large-scale investments can have on ecosystems and local communities. Photo: ADB.

Myanmar is putting in place a national safeguards system to better balance rapid economic growth and environmental sustainability.

In Medellin city, Colombia, cable cars have helped enhance mobility for marginalized neighborhoods, reduce pollution, and improve quality of life.

Governments are examining loan management policies in order to better protect financial consumers. Photo credit: Korea Institute of Finance.

More attention needs to be given to borrowers' wider financial condition to ensure customized loan management.

To reach development goals, focus on helping women and girls. Photo credit: ADB.

Leveling the playing field for women opens opportunities for countries to increase development gains.

Micro and small enterprises need not only supportive business regulations but also financing mechanisms and services (e.g., training, marketing) to prosper, scale up, and contribute to the economy. Photo credit: ADB.

The story of a science professor turned entrepreneur shows skills and education were critical in growing from a micro to a medium-sized business.

Industry can play a significant role in fintech governance. Photo: ADB.

In Australia, the private sector is working with regulators to maximize the benefits of blockchain technology and minimize its risks. 




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