Some countries in Southeast Asia are examining the use of soil stabilized roads as a cost effective alternative to traditional paving.  Photo credit: ADB.

Soil stabilizers can cut the costs, and improve the quality, of rural roads in Southeast Asia.

A student examines a printed circuit board at a polytechnic in Indonesia. Photo credit: ADB.

Advances in technology are making more jobs obsolete, which means workers need skills to adapt quickly to changes in the workplace.

The Republic of Korea’s capital city faced and resolved a series of obstacles to constructing a modern public building on a historic site.

School kids access a smartphone while waiting for class to start. Photo credit: ADB

A Finnish startup is giving everyone everywhere access to mobile learning tools to close the education gap caused by technology.

Increasingly, developing countries are looking to technology to increase the effectiveness of their education systems. Photo credits: ADB

Nepal is transforming its education system using information and communications technology.

Electricity of Viet Nam has started conducting live-line or live wire maintenance to improve its operational efficiency. However, the tools and equipment it was using were not suitable to local conditions. Photo credit: Sumitomo Corporation.

Japanese firms share best practices and technology in live wire maintenance with Electricity of Viet Nam to improve electric power distribution.

Upper Marikina River Basin Protected Landscape. Photo credit: Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (project consultants).

At-risk municipalities in the Philippines take the green growth path by building climate change-resilient ecotowns.

Unlike monsoon drains, beautified canals such as Alexandra Canal, allow children to walk up to the water and play. Photo credit: PUB, Singapore’s national water agency.

Singapore is transforming its drainage system into re-naturalized streams and bioswales that enhance urban living.

Armenia has been a leader in Central Asia in making the transition to a modern, prosperous economy. Photo credit: ADB.

Armenia’s leaders put in place prudent fiscal and monetary policies that resulted in strong economic growth.



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