Featured: Digital Solutions

Satellite imaging enables extensive analysis of changes in building landscapes, which helps in property evaluation. Photo credit: ADB.

Machine learning and satellite imagery can provide data needed by governments for effective property tax management more quickly and efficiently.

A machine-learning algorithm can be trained to detect specific features in satellite images, such as roofing material, in order to map the spatial distribution of poverty.  Photo credit: ADB.

A study examines the feasibility of applying computer vision techniques to satellite data of the Philippines and Thailand to produce poverty maps.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted cash flows, including payments, investments, and remittances. Photo credit: ADB.

Digital connectivity is a public good that can lead to new and sustainable growth areas and facilitate cross-border trade and remittances.


SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being

When a vaccine becomes available, priority will be given to health workers. Photo credit: ADB.

Advance country preparation and global collaboration are crucial to the efficient, effective, and equitable delivery of the future vaccine.

White circles were drawn on a road in India to enforce social distancing. Photo credit: iStock/Abhishek Kumar Sah.

Experience in India shows a gradual and localized approach based on evidence allows for safer reopening of the economy and reduces infection rates.

Child-centering road safety education in three primary schools in the People’s Republic of China empowered girls and boys to drive their own learning. Photo credit: Shaanxi Gender Development Solution.

They are seen, they are important road users, and their voice and agency can help make roads safer.