Featured: Distance Learning

School kids access a smartphone while waiting for class to start. Photo credit: ADB

A Finnish startup is giving everyone everywhere access to mobile learning tools to close the education gap caused by technology.

MathCloud is an online tool for teaching mathematics. It allows students to learn at their own pace and uses a variety of learning tools, including videos, to support learning. Photo credit: ADB.

MathCloud, an online mathematics teaching tool, offers an alternative learning approach for countries seeking to raise their levels of maths proficiency.

The use of information and communication technology in teaching and learning is helping improve student learning outcomes and boost access to education. Photo credit: ADB.

How technology is used in and outside the classroom to improve access to education


SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Small and medium-sized cities in developing economies have the highest potential for avoiding the mistakes that keep many megacities trapped in traffic gridlock and air pollution. Photo credit: ADB.

Secondary cities in Asia, Africa, and Latin America have an opportunity to avoid gridlocked growth patterns and to integrate sustainable energy and transport solutions.

Children participate in a traffic safety campaign held in Gunsan City in the Republic of Korea. Photo credit: The Korea Transport Institute.

The Republic of Korea improved road safety for children through strict implementation of policies related to engineering, education, and enforcement.

One of the options considered by the municipal governments was to convert combustible components of solid waste to energy in the form of refuse derived fuel. Photo credit: ADB.

How to improve public health and environmental sustainability by facing the challenges of managing solid waste in Asia