Existing wastewater treatment plants can co-treat fecal sludge with sewage if they can handle the additional load from septage and have facilities to separate liquids and solids. Photo credit: ADB.

Combining materials processed in a single treatment plant offers cost savings and private sector opportunities in sanitation services.

Payments and financial services delivered via mobile phones and the internet could boost financial inclusion and improve economic prospects of individuals and businesses. Image credit: Rodel Valenzuela/ADB.

In the digital economy, central bankers and regulators face the challenge of ensuring consumer safety and financial stability while promoting innovation in the financial sector.

Target date funds automatically adjust the share and composition of shares and bonds as investors approach retirement age. Photo credit: ADB.

In the Republic of Korea, efforts are underway to adopt one of the most broadly used pension default options.

In some provinces of Indonesia, the daily chore of carrying bucket loads of water from a source to home has fallen on the shoulders of the village's women. Photo credit: ADB.

Efforts to provide rural infrastructure and sanitation facilities can be opportunities for gender mainstreaming.

Government subsidies pay off in the long term as economic activity is stimulated and routes become commercially viable. Photo credit: ADB.

Make it easier and profitable for commercial operators to develop shipping routes to remote areas.

The people and economies of the Asia-Pacific region depend on natural capital for ecosystem services, food security, and livelihoods. Photo credit: F. Ricciardi/IG: @fransaround.

The widespread loss of natural ecosystems and biodiversity is much more than a conservation issue; countless lives and livelihoods depend on them.

Learning activities must incorporate design thinking, solution making, and problem solving tasks, leveraging emerging computing resources, including artificial intelligence. Photo credit: ADB.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing, as well as challenging, the way people learn.

Nighttime lights can approximate some socioeconomic indicators when no other reliable data exist. Photo: ADB.

Statisticians use satellite images of Earth’s night lights to measure social and economic activity.

To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, countries need financial products and services that support environmentally friendly investments. Photo credit: ADB.

Asia needs to mobilize private capital to bankroll its transition to an environmentally sustainable future.



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