Some countries in Southeast Asia are examining the use of soil stabilized roads as a cost effective alternative to traditional paving.  Photo credit: ADB.

Soil stabilizers can cut the costs, and improve the quality, of rural roads in Southeast Asia.

Germany pioneered the dual training system, which combines theory and training in a real-life work environment. Photo credit: ADB.

To strengthen its skills base, the Philippines complemented basic education reforms with Germany’s system of dual vocational training.

Working lands programs for eco-compensation can improve rural livelihoods, improve food quality and safety, maintain beautiful agricultural landscapes, and prevent social and cultural disruption. Photo credit: Xaykhame Manilasit/ADB

Well-designed and participatory eco-compensation schemes with proper technical assistance can help small farmers in some of the poorest and most ecologically sensitive areas in the People’s Republic of China.

Developing renewable energy and water systems on small islands present significant challenges.  Photo credit: ADB

The keys to success: link education, experience and tourism to create benefits while considering local conditions such as topography and climate.

Armenia has been a leader in Central Asia in making the transition to a modern, prosperous economy. Photo credit: ADB.

Armenia’s leaders put in place prudent fiscal and monetary policies that resulted in strong economic growth.

A 3D geographic information system can bring important benefits to water resource management.  Photo credit: ADB

Lessons learned from the establishment of a Water Resources Management Information System in the Philippines.

Open spaces were developed for public events such as the Singapore Night Festival, which attract both residents and tourists. Photo credit: Choo Yut Shing, CC by-NC-SA 2.0,

Singapore revives the Bras Basah and Bugis neighborhoods through a 20-year master plan that prioritizes pedestrians and promotes a vibrant street life.

Despite significant challenges, the Solomon Islands has made significant progress in developing its private sector.  Photo credit: ADB.

Solomon Islands has overcome significant challenges to private sector development by implementing policies that create jobs and livelihoods through private enterprise.



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