Efficient and stable management of real estate assets helps ensure macroeconomic stability, economic growth, and job creation. Photo credit: ADB.

Significant reforms are needed to improve indirect investment vehicles in real estate in the Republic of Korea.

A 3D geographic information system can bring important benefits to water resource management.  Photo credit: ADB

Lessons learned from the establishment of a Water Resources Management Information System in the Philippines.

One program in Thailand helps improve housing standards in poor urban areas by providing financial assistance and partnering with NGOs and communities. Photo credit: ADB.

In Thailand, subsidies, housing grants, educational programs and the leveraging of economies of scale are being used to benefit poor urban dwellers.

To reach development goals, focus on helping women and girls. Photo credit: ADB.

Leveling the playing field for women opens opportunities for countries to increase development gains.

The partnership between the Bangladesh government and industry associations allows trainees to gain employable skills. Photo credit: SEIP.

Bangladesh trained 1.5 million people by linking directly to the real-world needs of employers.

The Nurek hydropower plant is Tajikistan’s main source of power, producing over 70% of the country’s electricity. Photo credit: ADB.

Tajikistan has overcome the challenges of being a mountainous, landlocked country to make development gains across society.

Water shortage brought by drought is one of the direct results of climate change. (Photo by: Arturo De Vera, Jr.)

A regional approach to food policy driven by business and public interests can better protect consumers and suppliers in both domestic and export markets, support scaling up of production, and facilitate market access and Greater Mekong Subregion product branding and marketing.

The Internet of Things covers a wide range of digital technologies that can help cities harness real-time data to efficiently manage complex urban systems, including water, energy, waste, and transportation. Photo: ADB.

Internet-connected “smart” devices can help transform fast-developing cities in Asia and the Pacific into safe and sustainable urban centers.

The Republic of Korea mapped out a national road network plan that would make highways accessible within 30 minutes from any point in the country. Photo credit: KOTI.

The development of transportation infrastructure served as a linchpin of rapid economic growth in the Republic of Korea.



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