Karin Schelzig
Principal Social Sector Specialist, East Asia Department, Asian Development Bank

Karin is a poverty and social protection specialist with more than 22 years of experience. In her 17 years with ADB, she has designed and implemented projects and led research and policy dialogue in East and Southeast Asia. Based in Beijing since 2019, she has worked on shock-responsive social protection, social assistance, social welfare services, and early childhood and inclusive education in Mongolia and the People’s Republic of China. She holds a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics.

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Case Study

A pilot project in the Philippines gives livelihood support and coaching to poor households, which helped them cope better with the COVID-19 crisis.

Case Study

A partnership between the government education department and a non-government organization in the Philippines gives a blueprint for improving access to basic education.


One way to counter negative perceptions about technical and vocation education and training (TVET) programs is to promote them through better communications.

Policy Brief

In the Philippines, targeted cash grants to help poor students finish high school could double their potential income and lift them out of chronic poverty.