Jaemin Nam
Senior Urban Development Specialist, Water and Urban Development Sector Office, Sectors Group, Asian Development Bank

Jaemin Nam has been in the water industry for over 20 years. He currently leads the administration of water and urban development projects in Central West and East Asia. In his previous role, he led the Jharkhand Urban Water Supply Improvement Project in India and the Khulna Sewerage System Development Project in Bangladesh. He also led several innovative technical assistance projects including promoting smart water management in South Asian cities. Prior to joining ADB, he was involved in developing and implementing water supply, sewerage, and hydropower projects in 15 countries.


Improving water supply access and sustainability amid environmental challenges requires radical changes in how water resources are developed and delivered.

Case Study

The Republic of Korea’s Sudokwon Landfill, one of the largest in the world, offers a sustainable model for urban waste management.

Case Study

In the Republic of Korea, K-water offers smart solutions for managing limited water resources to supply increasing demand in cities.