Chris Morris
Former Head, NGO and Civil Society Center, Asian Development Bank

Recognizing mobilizing young people for economic and social progress will be instrumental to the region’s pathways to shared prosperity, he led the establishment of ADB’s Youth for Asia (YfA) initiative in 2013. YfA is the first dedicated unit among international finance institutions with the explicit goal of fully embedding youth-led activities within its operations. A British citizen, he is a civil engineer who holds an MSc degree in Irrigation Engineering from the University of Southampton.

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Why does meaningful youth engagement matter in promoting young women’s economic empowerment, and how do we promote this in our work?


Understand and address the needs of vulnerable young workers and entrepreneurs as part of COVID-19 measures.

Policy Brief

Large-scale and youth-targeted government policies can mitigate the short- and long-term impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on youth employment in Asia.


How to make it work: skills training, civic engagement and forums that help young people become active in society.