Yang-ho Ahn

  • Yang-ho Ahn
    Former Vice Minister of the Ministry of the Interior and Safety

    His research interests include Civil Service HRM, HRD, e-Government, Government Innovation, Local Government  and Inetrnational Development Cooperation. His works have been published in reports of the Korean Economic Research Institute(KERI), in journals of Korea Society for Public Personnel Administration (KOSPPA), in books of Ministry of Government Administration(MOGA). He has worked for Ministry of Government Administration, Office of the President, Gyeonggi-Provincial Government, Central Officials Training Institute (COTI), Civil Service Commission, Ministry of Public Administration and Security, amd Government Employees Pension Service. He completed his BA in Public Administration from Korea University, MSc. in Public Policy from London School of Economics and Political Science, and Ph.D. Course in Policy Studies at Department of Public Administration, Korea University.