Junkyu Lee
Chief of Finance Sector Group, Sector Advisory Service Division, Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department, Asian Development Bank

Junkyu Lee serves ADB’s financial sector operations as Chief of Finance Sector Group. He is a seasoned economist with policy-making experience and knowledge in financial development and stability and international economics. Since 2013, he has led policy and operational discussions on banking stability, NPL resolution, and capital market development in ADB. As a former G20 finance advisor, he has deep policy-making experience in macroprudential policy, capital flows management measures, and financial development policy in the G20 and ASEAN+3 finance processes.


Promoting national digital ID systems, interoperable systems, and cloud-based infrastructures can make digital financial services more efficient.


Providing a lifeline to workers and businesses most affected by the COVID-19 crisis calls for innovative solutions, such as digital money transfers.