One Key Element to Protecting Your Organization from Cyber Crime

Government Actions to Enhance Cyber Transparency

Beyond legislation of detailed and clear data breach notification laws, governments in the region can further mitigate cyber risk through public-private information sharing, the development of cybersecurity knowledge hubs and growing the cybersecurity talent pool.

Public-private information sharing is a useful and necessary defense tool against cyberattacks; both the public and private sector hold critical information in the fight against cybercrime, and there is growing recognition of the need to consolidate this information to obtain a fuller view of the cyber-risk landscape.

Governments should also develop cybersecurity knowledge hubs, which go hand-in-hand with growing the cybersecurity talent pool. Building cyber resilience requires experience and technical expertise, and the development of cybersecurity hubs can act as central knowledge and talent repositories for cutting-edge innovation, technologies and personnel expertise to bridge the gap necessary to build an effective cyber defense.


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