Find out how carbon credit financing helped turn a dump site in Mumbai, India into a green landscape.

A Cambodian farmer at an ADB-supported community well in Banteay Meanchey province.

The solutions: explore groundwater abstraction options, build efficient water infrastructure, develop better data, and improve water management, particularly for agriculture.

A train on the track of the Hairatan to Mazar-e-Sharif Railway connecting Afghanistan to Uzbekistan. Photo credit: ADB.

Savvy project management accelerates construction of a 75 km railway in war-torn Afghanistan.

Different kinds of vehicles are seen gridlocked in the streets. In Asia and the Pacific, the rapid growth in the number of vehicles is the principal cause of traffic congestion although driver behavior and police enforcement are factors as well. Photo credit: Abir Abdullah/ADB.

It takes just three steps--avoid, shift, and improve--for Asia's cities to solve their growing traffic gridlocks and get them moving again.

Women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh face more obstacles compared to men in business. Photo credit: ADB.

With the help of a multipronged gender action plan, women who want to start small and medium-sized enterprises in Bangladesh can have a more equal playing field with men.

Through a public-private partnership project, Sri Lanka's Colombo Port increased capacity and efficiency to receive larger ships and strengthen its position as a transshipment hub in South Asia. Photo credit: ADB.

Using a landlord port model is one of the effective ways to promote private sector participation in port development and operations.

A merchant uses a smartphone to send money abroad. With mobile remittance solutions, many South Asians, particularly those from the rural areas, will be able to gain access to formal financial channels. Photo credit: Lester Ledesma/ADB.

The Philippines' SMART Money mobile financial service offers a solution for economies in South Asia, which heavily depend on remittances from overseas workers.

Better coordination and accountability needed to improve road and water systems in Armenia.


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