Among the problems faced by rapidly urbanizing cities is how to efficiently manage the growing volume of waste and safeguard public health and quality of life. Photo credit: ADB.

The Republic of Korea’s Sudokwon Landfill, one of the largest in the world, offers a sustainable model for urban waste management.

The high mountain peaks of the eastern Himalayas challenges even the most experienced pilots. Photo credit: ADB.

In Bhutan, aviation safety and efficiency are improving due to strong policies and institutions, together with modern infrastructure and technology.

 Information and communication technology (ICT) can help farmers become more productive and get better access to market information, financing, and other facilities and services. Photo credit: ADB.

A suite of information and communication technology (ICT) solutions can help integrate farmers in Cambodia into agriculture value chains and boost their competitiveness.

Asia's cities need smart practices and technologies to support the sustainable management of limited freshwater resources. Photo credit: ADB.

In the Republic of Korea, K-water offers smart solutions for managing limited water resources to supply increasing demand in cities.

Through a public-private partnership project, Sri Lanka's Colombo Port increased capacity and efficiency to receive larger ships and strengthen its position as a transshipment hub in South Asia. Photo credit: ADB.

Using a landlord port model is one of the effective ways to promote private sector participation in port development and operations.

Going to Lijiang from Dali now costs only half. Travel time from Kunming to Lijiang was also cut from 18 hours to 9, while travel cost was reduced from CNY240 per trip to CNY75. Photo credit: ADB.

Effective project design and community engagement helped the Peoples' Republic of China overcome the challenges in building the Dali-Lijiang Railway.

Remittances by migrant workers are a lifeline for their families back home and help raise their standard of living. Photo credit: ADB.

One way to reduce poverty in developing countries is to make it cheaper and easier for migrant workers to send money home.

Countries that get a high score in regional integration appear to have integrated value chains and higher trade competitiveness. Photo credit: ADB.

An index that measures the degree of regional integration in Central Asia will help identify policy gaps and measures to enhance economic cooperation.



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