Asian banks are grappling with digital disruption. Photo credit: ADB.

Understanding How Asian Banks are Dealing with Digital Disruption

One of the strategies being used to transition to digital banking is to expand the customer base beyond people who use traditional banks.

The partnership between the Bangladesh government and industry associations allows trainees to gain employable skills. Photo credit: SEIP.
Case Study
The Nuts and Bolts of Market-Driven Skills Training

Bangladesh trained 1.5 million people by linking directly to the real-world needs of employers.

A study shows women who undertake vocational training are more likely to join the labor force. Photo credit: ADB.
Smart Strategies for Getting More Women into the Workforce

Here is what works: quotas, training, skills matching, mobility, and childcare leave policies.

Increasingly, countries are finding solar power to be a sustainable source of energy. Photo credit: ADB.
Case Study
How Uzbekistan is Becoming a Solar Energy Powerhouse

Uzbekistan is capturing solar energy and knowledge with its first large-scale solar power plant and a new solar energy institute.