A scaled-up financing program implemented across major industries in Indonesia could generate energy savings equivalent to a 2,500-megawatt power plant. Photo: ADB.

Innovative lending practices can convert energy efficiency into high rates of return for companies.

The study looked at the economic viability of alternative technologies that could reduce emissions before or in 2030 at a cost of no more than $100 per ton of carbon dioxide equivalent. Photo: ADB.

East Asia needs to shift toward a model of economic growth focused on low carbon emissions and more efficient use of resources.

Nighttime lights can approximate some socioeconomic indicators when no other reliable data exist. Photo: ADB.

Statisticians use satellite images of Earth’s night lights to measure social and economic activity.

Reporting cyber attacks and being open about them is one key element of preventing them in the future. Photo credit: ADB.

Organizations can limit their vulnerability to cyber attacks by being more transparent in how they respond.

Asian banks are employing a variety of strategies to serve their clients during uncertain times. Photo credit: ADB.

Embracing small business banking opportunities, and tackling operational efficiency, data and technology challenges can help Asian banks weather the storm.

Old-fashioned investments are needed to fully obtain the development gains offered by the internet.  Photo credit: ADB 2015.

To obtain development gains through digital investments, invest in their analog complements: policy and infrastructure.

Local governments are finding ways to overcome challenges and provide greater voice and authority to women in rural areas. Photo credit: ADB.

Putting resources toward specialized training, mentoring and confidence building is a successful formula for giving greater voice to women in the countryside.

Education departments are using innovative partnerships to find ways to get more children into primary school and beyond. Photo credit: ADB.

A partnership between the government education department and a non-government organization in the Philippines gives a blueprint for improving access to basic education.


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