The GrEEEn Cities Initiative brings together policies, strategies, sector plans, regulations, financial incentives, technologies, governance institutions, civil society, and private sector interventions.

A money changer services customers at Changi Airport. Photo credit:  Lester Ledesma/ADB.

Digital technology is a game changer in reducing remittance costs between overseas workers and developing countries in Asia.

The Lab gathers new ideas to encourage more private sector investment for environment-friendly projects in developing countries.

An instructor guiding a trainee welder attending a short training under the Skills Development Project in Bangladesh. The Project aims to help reduce unemployment rates in Bangladesh. Photo credit: ADB.

The basic education and skill set that powered "Factory Asia" needs realignment if Asia is to continue its upward trajectory.

A merchant uses a smartphone to send money abroad. With mobile remittance solutions, many South Asians, particularly those from the rural areas, will be able to gain access to formal financial channels. Photo credit: Lester Ledesma/ADB.

The Philippines' SMART Money mobile financial service offers a solution for economies in South Asia, which heavily depend on remittances from overseas workers.

Men exercising against the backdrop of an industrial development in the People's Republic of China. Photo credit: ADB.

The Clean Air Scorecard Tool helped the most polluted cities to identify gaps in air quality management and introduce measures to rectify them.

Mosquito nets protect children against malaria in Viet Nam. Photo credit: Justin Mott/ADB.

What is needed: Increased financing, reliable supplies of affordable and effective medicines, improved data from health information systems, stronger implementation of national malaria programs, and leadership that looks beyond the health sector.

Local communities can help preserve the benefits provided by ecosystems, such as food and water production, carbon storage, and flood control. Photo credit: ADB.

Efforts of the People's Republic of China to achieve environmentally balanced growth through eco-compensation have important global ramifications.


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