Power to the Province


Lessons learned from the study can be found in the following areas:

National Government Level

At the national level, the success of public-private partnerships involve the President setting the policy direction, cabinet members providing the technical and financial resources and the regulation and clear definition of the role of the private sector in public-private partnerships.

Local Level

Factors for success at the local level include strict adhesion to a build operate transfer law and other relevant laws involving transparency, projects that are viable and attractive enough for the private sector, and a reasonably large number of potential investors with managerial, technical and financial capabilities.

Technical Assistance

Recognizing the need for technical assistance to identify viable partnerships, to help prepare and bid out projects successfully, and in monitoring, implementing and evaluating projects contribute to overall success of public-private partnerships.

Financing Facilities

Success factors include offering low interest rates to make financing attractive to local government units, regular monitoring, and financially viable projects.


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