How ICT Can Speed Up Attainment of Universal Health Coverage

Information and communication technology solutions are key in helping countries achieve universal health coverage.


Almost all countries in Asia and the Pacific have embraced universal health coverage (UHC) as a pathway to greater national prosperity. Information and communication technology (ICT) is key to attaining and sustaining UHC as well as strengthening health-system accountability. ICT innovations in health—or e-health—are already in place in many countries in Asia and the Pacific offering lessons that can be replicated.

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Meet the experts

  • Susann Roth    
    Senior Social Development Specialist, Asian Development Bank

    Susann Roth supports ADB’s health sector development and co-led the preparation of its revised operational plan for health, which supports developing member countries in achieving UHC. Roth is particularly interested in the public-private dialogue to provide quality health services for the poor, and in information and communication technology solutions for UHC and health systems strengthening.

  • Mark Landry    
    Regional Advisor for Health Situation and Trend Assessment, WHO South-East Asia

    Mark Landry is the regional advisor for Health Situation and Trend Assessment in the Health Systems Development Department in the WHO South-East Asia Regional Office in New Delhi. Landry provides health information systems and e-health technical assistance to countries and promotes collaborative communities to strengthen health systems performance with better quality and timely evidence for decision making.

  • Jane Parry    
    Senior Public Health and Development Writer

    Jane Parry is a senior public health and development writer. Based in Hong Kong, China for more than 2 decades, she writes for international organizations including ADB, WHO, and UNAIDS, as well as international NGOs and publications such as the BMJ and The Guardian.

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   Last updated: October 2016



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