Eliminating Malaria: An Attainable Goal

Mosquito nets protect children against malaria in Viet Nam. Photo credit: Justin Mott/ADB.
Mosquito nets protect children against malaria in Viet Nam. Photo credit: Justin Mott/ADB.

ADB's strategy to eliminate malaria in  Asia and the Pacific is a public health "best buy" because it saves lives, promotes health system strengthening, and is helping countries attain universal health coverage.


More than 2 billion people in Asia and the Pacific are at risk of contracting malaria and nearly 50,000 die annually from the disease. The region is facing the threat of drug resistant malaria, which complicates the malaria issue.

Yet malaria elimination in the region is technically feasible and necessary in order to tackle drug resistance malaria. The strategy to achieve it promises a range of other positive health outcomes through the strengthening of health systems and the improvement of regional health security.

The Regional Malaria and Other Communicable Disease Threats Trust Fund (RMTF) works on the premise that a “business-as-usual” approach to malaria elimination is bound to fail. Instead, the RMTF is working with countries in the region to develop multicountry, cross-border, and multisector responses to the disease.

Asia and the Pacific leaders have taken a concrete step closer to defeating malaria by endorsing a detailed plan to eliminate the disease throughout the region by 2030.

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  • Susann Roth    
    Senior Social Development Specialist, Asian Development Bank

    Susann Roth supports ADB’s health sector development and co-led the preparation of its revised operational plan for health, which supports developing member countries in achieving UHC. Roth is particularly interested in the public-private dialogue to provide quality health services for the poor, and in information and communication technology solutions for UHC and health systems strengthening.

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