Seoul Greenway: Revitalizing the Cheonggyecheon

Seoul dismantles an old highway and revives a stream, the city, and local spirit, proving how mobility is not about raising roads but raising quality of life.


The Cheonggyecheon stream revitalization project in downtown Seoul is a triumph of urban renewal. The heart of the city is now a green waterfront park complemented with improved public transport, giving citizens with a better way of life.

Prior to restoration, Cheonggyecheon was a dilapidated roadway and expressway with more than 168,000 cars passing every single day. But instead of investing millions of dollars to upgrade this congestion-inducing and pollution-producing behemoth, the city government—in a landmark decision—opted to demolish it.

Then Mayor Lee Myung-bak, who eventually became the President of the Republic of Korea, led the project. Said to have contributed to his political win, the restoration turned Seoul into a global metropolis with a mind for sustainability.

Project snapshot

  • July 2003: Highway demolition
  • September 2004: Construction
  • May 2005: Landscaping
  • June 2005: First water supply started; test phase started
  • September 2005: Test phase finalized
  • October 2005: Grand opening
  • $380 million (estimated $446 million in 2012): Government- and partner-funded
  • Financing
    • Seoul Metropolitan Government, and a few partners
  • Planning and design
    • Seoul Metropolitan Government
    • Cheo nggyecheon Restoration Centre
    • SeoAhn Total Landscape
  • Executing agency
    • Seoul Metropolitan Government
  • Others
    • Seoul Development Institute, Cheonggyecheon Restoration Citizens Committee

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