How Uzbekistan is Becoming a Solar Energy Powerhouse


A road map is an effective planning and communication tool.

A road map helps identify barriers and risks to objectives or goals. It also proposes actions and sets priorities to reach goals and targets taking into account the needs of main stakeholders. By itself, the road map preparation process verifies potential and identifies strengths and weaknesses. It also provides growth scenarios, analysis, and validation, and reviews the availability of natural resources.

Uzbekistan’s journey toward its goals of attaining energy security through renewable energy and becoming an international knowledge and technology hub for solar energy has just begun. Through the development and use of a road map, all stakeholders will understand Uzbekistan’s vision for solar industry, enabling the country to maximize opportunities and speed the solar power development process.

Stocktaking of capacity and resources is key to success of project.

Although solar power is not a new concept, it is new in Uzbekistan. Conducting comprehensive due diligence of the country’s capabilities and resources enables the systematic and sustainable development of solar technology in the Uzbekistan context.


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