Energy Efficiency: Making It Work Nationwide


Between January 2009 and December 2013, the project retrofitted 135 government office buildings and almost 4,000 public park and streetlights with energy efficient lighting systems. It also distributed 8.6 million compact fluorescent lamps nationwide and established an efficient building rating system for new and retrofitted buildings, based on similar ratings models in many other countries, and certified 32 government buildings as "green".

Retrofitted government office buildings reduced the cumulative lighting load about 2.72 MW (34%), or 9.6 GWh, per year, saving almost a third of the buildings’ average energy consumption. The average level of illumination improved 50%. The payback period for the investment was 2 years without lighting replacement units and 4 years with replacement. Thus, government agencies complied with AOs 110 and 183, reduced electricity costs, and helped mitigate impending power shortages. This saving would not have materialized without the strong collaboration between Asian Development Bank and the Department of Energy during project implementation.


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