Creating Green Spaces in Guangzhou City

Photo credit: Karl Fjellstrom/Far East BRT, Creative Commons Attribution License.
Photo credit: Karl Fjellstrom/Far East BRT, Creative Commons Attribution License.

Guangzhou's Donghaochong Greenway is one of the best examples in the People's Republic of China for improving public space and mobility in a congested city.


The Donghaochong Greenway in Guangzhou is a model for creating green spaces for recreation and increased mobility in a highly congested city. It features a landscaped corridor with winding walkways and bicycle paths, and a restored stream under an elevated highway.

Opened in 2010, Donghaochong Greenway is part of an ambitious project to develop high-quality green spaces throughout Guangzhou, the third largest city in the People's Republic of China (PRC). By 2013, the municipal government had developed over 3,000 kilometers (km) of greenways. The project has helped improve living conditions for residents and raised land values in the surrounding areas.

Project snapshot

  • 2009: Construction
  • July 2010: Operation
  • CNY30 billion ($4.8 billion in 2012 equivalent): Total investment in greenways
  • CNY1.038 billion ($1.68 billion 2012 equivalent): Total cost of 1.89 km canal reclamation
  • Financing
    • Guangzhou municipal government
  • Planning and design
    • Guangzhou Communication Commission
  • Executing agency
    • Guangzhou Communication Commission

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